Spanish for beginners

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The course includes over 50 lessons in the form of featured or animated video sequences


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The course includes over 50 lessons in the form of featured or animated video sequences. After mastering it, you will be able to easily navigate situations such as getting to know each other, asking for directions, changing money in the bank, behavior in a restaurant, in a travel agency, etc.


Course Content

  • First part:
    The action of this lesson always takes place in the imaginary city of Villagracia. With the help of two cute characters Migelin and Migelon, you will slowly start to learn how to conduct a conversation.
  • Second part:
    This lesson contains short animated scenes that will help you familiarize yourself with the basic grammar rules and the most important expressions.
  • Third part:
    In this lesson, you will have the opportunity to see what a conversation looks like in the real world. It contains scenes from everyday life, so the conversation is somewhat more dynamic, but you will certainly be able to understand what it is about.
  • Fourth part:
    With the knowledge you already have, you can start practicing pronunciation. The characters that appear on the screen will help you in this. Through gestures, their shadows will show you what kind of conversation is going on, and when the scene begins to repeat itself, you will be able to actively get involved and play your part.
  • Fifth part:
    At the end of each chapter, together with the characters from Viljagrasia, you will again go through the most important parts from the previous lessons in a very interesting way. As with the previous lessons, the transcript and translation are available to you in the text mode.


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