Terms of use


These Terms of Use regulate rights and obligations in connection with the use of the ONLINE EDUCATION service. The service located at the Internet address https://ole.animars (Service) is an information society service provided by ANIMA d.o.o. Bata Lakina 4, Belgrade, ID number: 07740448, PIB: 100289900 (Company).

These Terms of Use form an integral part of the Service and represent the provisions of the contract concluded between the Company and each individual user of the Service. The Company enables the use of the Service, exclusively in the manner and under the conditions described in these Terms of Use.

By accessing and using the Company’s Services, users agree to the Terms of Use, and thus conclude a contract upon access with the Company as an information society service provider. These Terms of Use apply to each access to the contents of the Service.

The Company’s business through this Service is primarily regulated by the Law on Electronic Commerce, the Law on Advertising, the Law on Obligations, the Law on Copyright and Related Rights, the Law on Trademarks, the Law on the Protection of Personal Data, as well as other regulations of the legal system of the Republic of Serbia in parts which are not regulated by the aforementioned laws.

The company is dedicated to preserving and applying the rights of personality, privacy, data protection, as well as copyright, and in everything according to the rules of the information profession, good business practices and in accordance with the valid regulations of the Republic of Serbia.

The Service is not a substitute for a professional consulting service or an employment mediation service, nor does the Company provide or provide any other services, except for the information society service described. The company in no way influences the content posted by users or created by aggregating publicly available data, nor does it guarantee the accuracy or usability of the information presented through the available content.

The company has the right, but not the obligation, to remove any content from the Service at any time.


Texts, comments and other entries that users leave on any part of the Service (for example in comments and the like) must be accurate, correct and in no way violate any laws of the Republic of Serbia. The user who entered the data is solely responsible for the accuracy and correctness of the data entered. The accuracy of the entries implies that they come from a competent source and/or the user’s personal experience. Correctness implies grammatical and spelling correctness.

The user independently chooses a password during registration and is solely responsible for the secrecy of the password and the use of the Service through access data. The user will not use other people’s access data or give their user data to a third party. The user can inform the Company if he suspects unauthorized use of his access data.

Any use of the Service in its entirety or any part of it that is not in accordance with the Terms of Use will be considered an abuse of the services provided by the Company, and a violation of the Terms of Use.

The company will, on every single occasion, provide full support for the protection of personality rights, privacy, property rights and intellectual property rights to all persons who hold these rights, or to those persons whose rights have been violated, by, without delay:

– upon a reasoned request, supported by appropriate documentation, such as proof of trademark infringement, submitted court decision or decision of another competent authority, remove the content so that it is not publicly available, and preserve the content for the purposes of proof,

– to submit to the competent authority, upon request, information about the user whose input violates one of the listed or other rights,

– undertake all necessary activities in accordance with the regulations of the Republic of Serbia.

The company transmits electronic messages submitted to it by users of information society services, but in no way: it does not initiate their transmission, it does not select the data or documents that are transmitted, it does not exclude or change the data in the content of messages or documents, nor the selection of recipients transmission. In accordance with the above, the company is an information society service provider in the sense of the Electronic Commerce Act. The company reserves the right to change, cancel (either temporarily or permanently) any element of the Service, the services it provides, as well as content or input, regardless of who the author is and without prior approval or notice, with the application of good business practices. All timelines and deadlines displayed through the Service, as well as the time zone and working days are calculated according to the valid regulations of the Republic of Serbia.


Users of the services provided by the Company through the Service are considered to be visitors, registered users, natural persons and legal entities, advertisers. The user can post and publish his own content: comments and ratings.


A visitor is a person who accesses the Service via the Internet in terms of these Terms of Use, without logging in or registering for the Service. The visitor can familiarize himself with part of the content available on the Service, without paying any fee. In addition, the visitor, i.e. unregistered user, has the possibility to publish certain contents, i.e. comments. After the visitor leaves a comment, the Company will send him an e-mail for the purpose of verification, that is, to confirm that the e-mail address from which the comment was left is really the property of the visitor who leaves the comment.