Revit – Transition from AutoCAD
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I am Alexander and I would like to welcome you on this course. I assume you have extensive experience working with AutoCAD and intend to switch to Revit in the near future. This course will help you easily change your habits and adapt to a new work environment. At the beginning, I will explain how Revit differs from AutoCAD, and then you will learn how to adjust the parameters that will allow you to transfer your projects to the new format. We will pay special attention to the use of layers, external references and other techniques that are characteristic of AutoCAD and have their equivalent in Revit. In the end, I will show you how you can directly transfer your AutoCAD drawings to Revit, but also how to restore or export them in a form that can be used independently of the program in which it was created. If you’re ready, I suggest we get started!

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