YouTube is a unique platform for sharing videos.

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About Course

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YouTube is a unique platform for sharing videos. In this course you will learn how to find and upload new content, create video sequences and use channels. For those who want more, there are lessons dedicated to tracking achieved effects and advanced functions such as AudioSwap and Annotation.

What Will You Learn?

  • What is YouTube?
  • Finding videos
  • Subscription to channels
  • Recording tips
  • Use of the web camera
  • Monitoring and analysis of activities

Course Content

Understanding YouTube

  • Welcome
  • What is YouTube?
  • Past, present and future
  • Privacy and copyright protection
  • Use of Help

Find and play videos

How to become a member of YouTube?

Creating video sequences

How does YouTube work?

Compressing and uploading videos

Submission of YouTube videos

Creation of interactive content

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