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If you have just finished working with the so-called the Welcome Wizard, you should see content like this. This means that by choosing this big pink button, you are expected to go to the next stage, to add the first product to your store (Create your first product). You can achieve the same effect if you click on Products from the main menu and start the Add Product function. I will opt for the first method, because it allows me to go through the entire procedure by following the instructions that alternately appear on the screen. As you can see, the system instructs me to enter the title of the product in the Product name field, and I decided that it should be blueberry-flavored mineral water. This is followed by a text entry that represents a more detailed description of the product itself. In order not to waste time, I will use the copy function to insert the entire description in one go and then remove the redundant lines.

The next parameter that I need to determine is related to the type of product. Since the instruction that appeared on the screen clearly directs me to it, it will not be difficult for me to choose the appropriate option from this list. For now, there is no point in going into details, so I will stick to the already chosen type – Simple product. If you want to offer a service or something that can be directly downloaded from the Internet, it would not be a bad idea to activate the Virtual and Downloadable options. Since this is not the case for me, I can immediately go to the next field and enter information representing the price. For now, it is enough to determine the basic value of the product, and I will leave the other parameters for one of the following lessons.

Regardless of the fact that some of the offered fields remained empty, the procedure for adding a new product is mostly finished, so I can check what I have achieved. To that end, I will click on the Publish button and use the link that appeared above the title. As you can see, a new page has appeared on the screen and it clearly shows the name of the product, its price and the frame for the illustration, which is currently empty. In the lower part of the screen there is a text representing a detailed description, and there is a possibility to insert its shorter version under the title. Additional information can be placed in this empty space, and the same applies to the section that is currently in the background. All of this belongs to the topics that we will cover in one of the following lessons because I wanted to first show you how little it takes to make a product available for ordering.

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