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Known for its versatility and ease of use, 3DS MAX is the leading package for digital content creation.



Known for its versatility and ease of use, 3DS MAX is the leading suite for digital content creation. Whether you’re visualizing computer-aided forms or animated films, 3DS MAX has the power and flexibility to meet the creative needs of your production.



Course Content

  • Introduction
    Getting started in 3ds MAX, Choosing a working environment, Choosing a default interface and tools, Setting parameters, Displaying user interface elements, Changing the display color, Creating and adjusting folders, Creating and transforming objects, Navigation shortcuts
  • Modeling
    Selection of units and auxiliary grids, Parametric modeling and Modifier Stack, Cloning an object as an instance, Creating shapes and curves, Extruding splines, Subobject transformations and symmetry, Activating the Modeling palette, Extruding polygons
  • Shading and materials
    Polygon Edge Smoothing, Renderer Selection, Rendering with ActiveShade, Scene Lighting, Slate Material Editor, Physical Material Editing, Scene Materials Management, Material Mapping, Applying OSL Maps and UVW Coordinates
  • Lighting
    Creation of photometric lights, Adjustment of light intensity, Adjustment of light parameters, Natural daylight
  • Layout and animation
    Layers and Groups, Object Linking and Hierarchy, Timing Configuration, Creating Keyframes, Editing Keyframes, Creating Keyframes with Set Key, Using the Curve Editor
  • Rendering
    Creating a camera, Basic rendering parameters, Frame with safety frame, Rendering a sequence

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