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This course is intended for self-taught video editors who already know the basics of Premiere PRO.


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This course is intended for self-taught video editors who already know the basics of Premiere PRO. You’ll learn how to personalize your work environment and use preset templates, manage media, set effects and graphics, and control audio quality. Finally, you will master various “super skills” that will make you a professional.


Course Content

  • Introduction
    Filling in the gaps, What do you need to know? What will you learn?
  • The Basics of Premiere Pro
    Adobe Premiere Pro interface, Personalize Premiere Pro interface, Import workspace from project, Interface layout, Personalize Timeline panel, Add buttons to monitors, Editing basics, Useful keyboard shortcuts, Basic editing commands, Create a new keyboard shortcut, Preview clips, Freeform overview, Editing from the Project panel, Insert and Overwrite modes
  • Media management
    Disconnect and reconnect, Replace recording, Use sequences as source, Clip clips, Audio channel selection, Proxy workflow
  • Faster editing
    Create a sequence from a clip, Dynamic trimming, Quick sequence navigation, Four-point edits, Content replacement, J and L cuts, Clip and sequence marker workflow
  • Principles of visual effects
    It’s all in the Effect Controls panel, Master Clip Effects, Dive into the Lumetri Color panel, Color Matching, Group Effects Settings, Stabilize Footage, Mask Visual Effects, Fast and Slow Motion Video
  • Titles and graphics
    Create new titles and simple graphics, Master styles, Master graphics, Animate titles and graphics, Vector Motion effect, Create motion templates, Tips for working with graphics
  • Sound Mastering
    The magic of the Essential Sound panel, Clean up the sound, How to improve the sound from the microphone?, DeReverb: the impossible is now possible, Manual volume adjustment, Auto mute, Why are there two mixers?, Parametric EQ effect
  • Mixed super skills
    Clean up audio with Adobe Audition, After Effects as an effects engine, Render and replace, Templates for projects, Export with effects, Work with multiple cameras
  • Bonus lesson
    Track Matte Key effect


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