AutoCAD for beginners

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AutoCAD is certainly the most popular tool for Computer Aided Design – CAD. This course is intended for absolute beginners.


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AutoCAD is absolutely the most widely used program for Computer Aided Design – CAD. This course is intended for absolute beginners, which means that you will first learn how to draw basic graphic elements – lines, arcs and circles. This is followed by changing the existing parts of the drawing, based on concrete examples from practice.



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Course Content

  • Introduction
    Welcome, Using exercise files
  • Getting to know the work environment
    Your desktop, Toolbar, Change desktop, Customize desktop, Edit command aliases, Get help
  • File management
    Opening, saving and closing files, Selecting units, Changing the unit system, Other options, Using templates
  • Drawing management
    Using the Pan command, Changing the scale with the Zoom command, What are Model and Paper Space? Keeping a look
  • Drawing objects
    Line, Circle, Arc, Ellipse, Spline, Polyline, Rectangles and Polygons, Point and Donut
  • Editing objects
    Selection, Move and copy, Rotate and scale, Automatic arrangement (Array), Offset and Mirror, Lengthen and Stretch, Trim and Extend, Break and Join, Changes via Grips, Creating borders and cleaning drawings, Boolean operations with regions, Fillet, Chamfer and Blend, Divide and Measure, Modifications on compound lines
  • Precise drawing
    Grid and Snap, Oblique projection, Coordinate system, Polar Tracking, Heads-up display, Object Snap, From Object Snap function, Object-snap tracking, User coordinate system
  • Examples from practice
    Mechanical parts, Adding a sketch, Drawing walls, Cutting openings, Drawing doors, Adding details


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