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The course begins with an overview of basic tools along with setting up templates and toolbars.


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The course begins with an overview of basic tools along with setting up templates and toolbars. Then you will create the interior space of the living room and develop your 3D model. This is followed by the creation of groups and components, as well as the placement of furniture. Finally, you will add textures and materials to the model, learn how to import images and colors, master LayOut, and create pages and headers.



Course Content

  • Introduction
    Getting Started, Template Setup, Toolbars, System Parameters, Edges and Surfaces, Introduction to PushPull, Creating Groups Creating components,
  • Basic modeling
    Wall modeling Creating Door Openings, Creating Window Openings, Planning Kitchen Elements, Creating a Kitchen Island, Adding Furniture Contours, Using 3D Warehouse, Moving Components, Component Palette, Introduction to Live Components
  • Creating new components
    Creating a bookshelf, Creating a sub-component, Creating horizontal partitions, Creating unique components, Changes to cabinets, Inserting large components, Placing a handle on a cabinet, Books on shelves, Books from the 3D Warehouse
  • Adding materials and textures
    Applying Materials, Material Scale and Size, Texture Position, Materials from 3D Warehouse, Creating a New Material, Guessing Colors on Screen, Using Texture, Creating an Ideal Texture, Wallpaper Texture, SketchUpTextureClub, Material Libraries
  • Small details
    Frames and Moldings, Doors and Windows, Extension Installation, 1001 Bit Tools, Dynamic Components, Simplified Sliding Doors, Ceiling Addition
  • Creating illustrations
    Gluing and Cutting Openings, Creating a Glue To Component, Background and Picture Frame, Unique Art Component, Aligning Components
  • Use of tags and scenes
    What are tags? Creating and assigning tags, Tags and variations, Creating and organizing a scene, Positioning the camera
  • Shadows and styles
    Overview of styles, Changes to styles. Introduction to shading. Exporting images, Corrected perspective and axonometry, Exporting animation, Animated transition
  • Preparing the model for LayOut
    What is LayOut?, Creating a presentation, Interior layouts, Switching to LayOut
  • Creation of the final document
    Adding Dimension Lines, Adding Captions, Line Weight on Objects, Hybrid Display and Masking, Text on All Pages, Updating and Reconnecting Models, Exporting a LayOut Document


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