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In this course, you will master the basics of advertising using Google Ads


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In this course, you will master the basics of advertising using Google Ads. First you will learn how it works and how it fits your needs. Then you will create your new Google Ads account and start searching for keywords. After writing your first ad, you’ll learn how to optimize it and use Google Analytics.


Course Content

  • Advertising per click
    The Power of Google Ads, Overview of Google Ads, Understanding Consumer Intent, Where Google Ads Appear, How Google Ads Appear, Benefits of Using Google Ads, Structure of Google Ads, How the Google Ads Auction Works
  • Before we begin
    Define your goals, Define your customers, Set realistic expectations, Create a customer journey
  • Getting started with ads
    Google Ads Registration, Control Panel, Research Campaigns, Research Ad Groups, Research Ads and Keywords
  • Researching your keywords
    How keywords work, Keyword ideas, Keyword search tools, Google as a keyword planner, Estimating keyword search volume
  • Keyword targeting
    Options for targeting using keywords, Broad match, Phrase match, Exact match, Negative match
  • Creating the first campaign
    Choose a campaign goal, Determining customer value, Determining your Google Ads budget, Set your bids, Set up your network, Choose your audience
  • Creation of the first ad
    Writing a good ad, Create an ad group and add keywords, Create responsive ads, Ad plugins, Complete your campaign, Customize your campaign
  • Advanced advertising tracking
    Connecting Google Analytics, What is conversion tracking? Setting up conversion tracking, Viewing conversion data
  • Tracking your ad
    Reports available in Google Ads, Reports on campaigns, Reports on search terms
  • Key strategies for optimization
    Optimization Tips, Campaign Experiments, Bid Adjustment, Final Notes


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