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Instagram is a popular social network for sharing photos.


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Instagram is a popular social network for sharing photos. In this course you will learn how to take and post photos and find and follow other users. This is followed by the use of filters, as well as the addition of captions and hashtags. You will also learn how to create Instagram stories and how to interact with other users through liking, commenting and sharing messages.


Course Content

  • Getting started on Instagram
    Build a community with Instagram What is Instagram? Follow other users and hashtags, Tour the Instagram app
  • Take, edit and post photos
    Shoot with camera on Instagram, Upload photo from your phone, Record video, Crop and rotate images, Edit photo with built-in filters, Edit photo with manual tools, Post multiple photos, Create Instagram story, Create Reels video
  • Build your community
    Like and comment on photos, Mention others in comments, Tag in comments, Manage comments and block users, Share photos of other users, Save photos and create collections, Send direct messages to other users


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