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Learn how PayPal is used to send and receive money over the Internet.


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Learn how PayPal is used to send and receive money over the Internet. In addition, this course includes topics aimed at retailers, which means you will master sending invoices, creating reports and using card readers. Finally, there are tips for avoiding and resolving disputes.


Course Content

  • Introduction
    Welcome, Using PayPal, Fees, Creating an Account, Sources of Funds, Finding Help, Buyer and Seller Protection, Fraud Detection
  • Payment
    Paying for goods, Sending money, Paying family and friends, Multiple payments
  • Receiving payments
    Claiming money, Sending invoices, Linking to sales site, Payment button, Searching transactions, Creating and downloading reports, Refunding payment
  • Account management
    Add and withdraw funds, Account management, Notification management, PayPal payment card
  • PayPal Mobile
    What is PayPal Mobile? Using the mobile app, Sending money, Requesting a payment, Adding and withdrawing funds, In-app purchases
  • PayPal Here
    What is PayPal Here? Getting started with PayPal Here, Paying with cards, Cash flow records, Receiving checks, Mobile payment, Sending an invoice, Viewing sales, Smart card reader, Using a smart reader
  • Useful tips
    Complaints, Nonprofit Organizations


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