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It’s time to create your first campaign in Google Ads, and this can be done in several ways. The easiest way would be to simply select the New Campaign option, which is located above the other contents. You can achieve the same effect if you look for the Campaign option in the menu, click on the circle with the plus sign and then start the New Campaign option. In any case, a number of options will appear in front of you, and each of them represents a goal that your campaign should reach. This means that you can direct your campaign in the desired direction from the very beginning, which can be increased sales, acquisition of new clients (Leeds), higher number of visitors (Website traffic), etc. If you want to be better informed about the differences that exist between of these goals, simply place the cursor over the corresponding item and Google Ads will allow you to get a better idea of what awaits you.

I would like to improve sales, so I will choose the first option. After that, items representing different types of campaigns will appear in the lower part of the screen. Essentially, the choice of one of the offered goals will not directly affect the effect of your campaign. This parameter simply allows Google to recommend functions and settings that may be useful to you when planning a new campaign. This implies a proper bidding strategy, the way certain products are presented and general rules for preparing the campaign so that it reaches its goal as soon as possible. Since I have chosen a sales campaign, I can choose some of the standard methods for its realization, such as sales via search, through display, direct purchases (Shopping), video clips (Video), etc. If you want to automate the whole process, I recommend you to choose the Smart option, and if it suits you that the campaign concentrates on YouTube and Gmail, it would be best to click on the Discovery option. Since this is just an example, I will choose to follow the search so that additional options appear at the bottom of the screen that allow me to more precisely define the way in which this goal can be achieved. This includes viewing the website, attracting phone calls, actual store visits and the ability to directly download applications. It is best for me to realize the sale via the Internet, so I will choose the first option (Website visits) and immediately enter the address where the object of my campaign is located ( After that, I need to enter the name of the new campaign in this field, and it should be characteristic and easily recognizable. Keep in mind that you will soon have much more content like this and that an efficient naming system can make your daily tasks much easier. I like to include its type in the name of the campaign, and since this will be a search campaign, I will first type Search and then enter a symbol that will separate this content from the name itself. In practice, a vertical dash is often used for these purposes, but you can also use some other character, for example a minus sign, a slash or a simple space.

The following information should indicate the goal of the campaign, and since this is about sales, I will write Sales and again use a vertical dash as a separator. This is followed by the main feature of this campaign, which is the Winter Discount. This part of the name should remind me that all ad groups within this campaign are thematically related to the winter discount. At the end, I can add another detail such as the target region (San Francisco) and in this way separate this campaign from similar content. This naming principle can help you navigate a situation that involves running 10 winter discount campaigns at the same time, where they have different themes, ad groups and goals. If winter discount appears in their name, it will not be difficult for you to find them and analyze their results.

This was only the first step in creating a new campaign, because now it is necessary to continue by choosing the Continue button and move to the part that concerns the available budget and specific offers (Budget and bidding).

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