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To start advertising on Google Ads, you need to create your new account. This involves opening the page located at and a simple selection of the button labeled Start now. If you have already used one of Google’s services, you can immediately enter your email address and password, and if this is your first contact with the system, it would be best to click on the Create account option and create your new account. On the other hand, if you actively use Gmail or Google Analytics, you can use the same data to log in to Google Ads. I will use this opportunity and complete the application in two steps. If you have not used Google Ads before, the system will allow you to define your basic goals, and there is an option to skip these questions and immediately move to the advanced level by selecting the Switch to Expert Mode option. I will use this opportunity, because I would like to get to the part related to creating the order itself as soon as possible. However, the system will offer me the possibility to choose some of the typical goals, and I will opt for the option located in the lower left corner at the bottom (Create an Account Without a Campaign) and thus skip this step. Now the new user is expected to choose the country, time zone and currency in which the calculation and payment will be made, and all this is of crucial importance because the parameters you enter now cannot be changed later. So, it depends on your choice how certain data will be collected and how it will be presented in reports, so choose what best suits your business. I will simply accept the offered parameters and click on the Submit button.

Since I have successfully completed all the settings in this way, there is nothing left for me to do but to click on the button with the inscription Explore Your Account and display the frame representing the main dashboard.

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